Performance Management – Basic

We hear the term ‘Performance Management’ used a lot. Even so, can you really say with confidence what it is and how you use your skills effectively to Manage someone’s performance? This course provides you with the foundations of Performance Management around these 8 themes:

  1. Importance of Self-awareness
  2. What Performance Management IS and IS NOT
  3. Help individuals articulate their own objectives, closely linked with the business objectives
  4. Strengths-based Performance Management:  Focus on strengths
  5. Use a coaching style of management, (also refer to course ‘Leadership & Mentoring – Basic’)
  6. Engage with employees in regular, informal, high-quality feedback conversations, and create a psychologically safe environment
  7. Psychologically safe environment
  8. Ensure reward and recognition is differentiated according to the individuals’ levels of performance

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Performance Management – Basic

Course Curriculum

  • A quick orientation to Online Learning Preview
    15 minutes
  • Performance Management – Basic
    80 minutes
  • PM-Basic Course Survey
    2 minutes
  • Additional Resources – PM-Basic
    30 minutes