Line Management (Basic)

Line Managers are faced with deadlines, challenging work relationships, and time constraints on a daily basis. To successfully meet the challenges that you encounter as a Line Manager you will need to learn how to manage yourself. This basic Line Management course will provide you with some useful context and exercises around these topics:

  • Time Management
  • Self-awareness & Managing yourself
  • Situational Leadership
  • and how to run Effective Meetings

The modules are short and contain only condensed information which means that you will get some very pertinent Line Management essentials in a short amount of time!


Line Management – Basic

Welcome to the free Line Management – Basic course. This is course will cover some key aspects of Line Management.

After completing the course, we would appreciate your feedback in the form of completing an embedded survey.

Line Management – Basic

Course Curriculum

  • A quick orientation to Online Learning Preview
    15 minutes
  • Line Management
    130 minutes
  • Survey
    3 minutes

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