Inclusion: Intersectionality

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It is very common for us to divide the world up in binaries as a means to keep safe and to arrive at a point of certainty. Here are a few binaries that you will be very familiar with because¬†the world grapples along these lines all the time: sexuality, gender, religion, race. These binaries are unfortunately used to sort people into two groups: the “in” crowd and the “out” crowd. As a means to try and establish inclusion along these dualities, we often create initiatives that only focus on single binary solutions. And quite often these mono-dimensional initiatives do not take other paradigms of exclusion into consideration.

Intersectionality looks at where there many lines along which exclusion takes place intersect and finds ways of bringing them into the fold.


Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Intersectionality
    30 minutes
  • Intersectionality as a way of working with inclusion
    30 minutes
  • Intersectionality as a tool: case studies
    30 minutes
  • Intersectionality in practice: Assignment
    Text Based
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