Are you ready to act in an emergency?

It is important to have someone with First Aid training at home and your place of work.


Is your organisation compliant with legislation

All our courses are fully accreidted and facilitated by experienced practitioners and meet Occupational Health and Safety and Labour Law requirements. 

Require bespoke courses?

We can customise any of our courses to suit your industry and expected emergency profile

We offer a full range of courses:

First Aid Level 1

Learn the basic of First Aid to save a life and comply with Labour law and health and safety requirements.

First Aid Level 2 & 3

Build on the knowledge of level one, to gain a better understanding of emergencies and how to treat them.

Basic Fire Fighter

An essential course that looks at how fires start and how they can be extinguished.

Other courses

From basic First Aid, CPR, basic Health & Safety and how to stop bleeding; we’ve got you covered

Decrease mortality (save someone's life)

Be ready for an emergency

Comply with legislation

Why First Aid?

The greatest value of First Aid and basic Fire Fighter training lies in the fact that people with the right training can make a massive difference by saving the lives of those who find themselves in emergencies. First Aiders keep patients alive until the ambulances arrive – this is increasingly the case because our emergency services are overwhelmed.

Thousands of deaths per year could be prevented if the victims received appropriate First Aid interventions by trained bystanders. A First Aider also takes the knowledge with them so that they can provide life-saving care at the place of work, in public and at home.

Sending your workforce for First Aid training also makes your company compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and regulations as stipulated by the Department of Labour. Is your organisation compliant? We offer full compliance packages.  

Some of our courses